Envision Appraisal Corp, started in 2005, has been a dominant player in the San Jose home appraisal industry. It was founded with the sole purpose of extending superb services in real estate appraising. The foundation of our business is superior and prompt customer service and at the same time, delivering the highest quality work, accurate and reliable appraisals.

While partnering with our company, you can always expect to get top quality and accurate home appraisal reports within a very short turnaround time. Any adjustments or appendages to the appraisal are also carried out quickly. Besides, you get continuous updates on the status of your appraisal while it’s in process.

We always leverage the best technology for managing a huge quantity of home appraisals spread over a wide geographical area. Our clients vouch for our efficiency. We have access to all the appraisals being carried out in various parts of the country from our company headquarters. Simply email or call us at the toll-free number to get the latest update on the status of your home appraisal. Chances are that you may never need to contact us because we always keep our clients abreast of developments in their process. You’ll be informed about the status of your appraisal via regular emails.

Our clientele includes real estate buyers and owners, lawyers, accountants, attorneys, government agencies, banks, market regulators, chambers of commerce and anyone who needs to determine the actual value of a property. We undertake accurate home appraisals in several types of reporting formats. We give the client our reports in a format that meets their needs, while also conforming to the relevant guidelines. Our reports have been used for appraisal reviews, asset management, assessment and assessment reviews, cash flow analyses, court testimony and litigation support, estates and trusts, condemnation support, bankruptcy and foreclosure, lending, gift tax planning, proposed development, matrimonial cases, reassessment and zoning, and other functions.

Over the years, our company has achieved a fantastic track record in home appraisal because of our professionalism, integrity and our dedication to the work. We’re committed to the highest quality standards and believe that the work we deliver should speak for itself. As a leading home appraisal company, we complete all projects within the stipulated time and within the budget which has been set by the client. Our goodwill and reputation precedes us so we do all that’s needed to keep our clients satisfied. Our organization firmly believes in clear and effective communication. We believe that most of the problems in the home appraisal industry stems from the lack of proper communication between the companies and their clients. Hence, we always ensure that our clients have realistic expectations of a time frame and are informed of any special situation which could affect the work. 



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